About Me

My name is Joe Shaw and I am the host, promoter, editor, etc. of The DTALKS Podcast. The podcast is a primary parenting resource for the community of dads that we are building. I’m proud that DTALKS has been named one of the “9 podcasts in Dallas you need to listen to” by the Dallas Observer back in June 2018.

I feel proud that I am able to provide funny and authentic conversations about life, kids and stuff to my listeners and that I can help them get through their day and parenting journey a little easier.

What I feel truly sets me apart from other dad or fatherhood-based podcasts that I’ve come across is that I refuse to play the “dumb dad”. So many fathers are actively engaged in their kids’ lives and are looking for validation and a community to belong to, but are turned off by stereotypes that fathers are either:

1. Not engaged.
2. An overgrown child.

I have fun on the show because a lot of parenting is humorous, but I still provide authenticity and truth which I feel empowers our listeners to be the best dads and parents they can be. I hope DTALKS shows actively engaged dads that they are not unique; rather, they represent a new normal for fatherhood and there is a place for dads to express themselves as a parent outside of the “dumb dad” stereotype.

I like to think that DTALKS (or Dad Talks) is a parenting podcast where you can ‘detox’ from the world around you and get a window into how other people live their lives. Come detox with Dtalks!