In this special interview mini-sode of the DTALKS Podcast, Joe interviews Lamar Austin, a New Hampshire father that was fired for attending the birth of his son. Lamar speaks about his reasoning, the opportunities this situation has presented him with, and there’s a preview of an upcoming new segment called “Dad Stories”.

This kind of content will normally be found during full episode releases of The DTALKS Podcast or to Patreon supporters, but when we were presented with the opportunity to interview Lamar so shortly after our episode on paternity leave, we felt that it was something that we needed to share.

Whichever side of the paternity leave issue you might fall on, we can all agree that idea of missing the birth of our children should not be a choice any parent should have to face.

We cannot thank Lamar enough for taking the time out of his day to share his story and thoughts with us. A new kid is a challenge for any family to handle, whether they are new to the game or starting the adventure again for the third or fourth time.

We hosts here at The DTALKS Podcast hope you enjoy this interview.

If you would like to support the Austin family please visit their GoFundMe page at: (The featured image is pulled from their GoFundMe page as well)