In this episode of the DTALKS Podcast, the dads talk briefly about how we handle our kids and what they watch, we spoil the heck out of Netflix’s Iron Fist series (SPOILERS!!!), and we feature a Dad Story from Mike Reynolds, aka the Everyday Girl Dad.

As always, we feature our staple segments of “Ask the Dads”, “Dad Jokes” and “Things You Should Check Out”.

This episode is the first of what will be numerous shows about TV. If we didn’t hit something you wish we’d have discussed, be sure to let us know by visiting our website,, and contacting us.

This episode of The DTALKS Podcast contains language that crosses into R-rated territory. That language may not be safe for work, for your kids, and listener discretion is advised.


The Hashtag Consolation awards go to far too many. John through out so many, I lost count.

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