In this episode of the DTALKS Podcast, the dads talk to a gentleman by the name of Todd Pipes…father, English teacher, producer, real estate agent, and a continuing part of pop culture. He’s the singer of Deep Blue Something, a band known for their 90’s hit, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Todd talks about his teaching career, raising two teenagers, fostering his son’s interest in music, and everything else we threw his way. We cannot thank him enough for his time.

As always, this episode features America’s favorite segments “Ask the Dads”, “Dad Jokes”, and “Things You Should Check Out”.

This episode of The DTALKS Podcast contains language you’d find in a PG-13 movie. That language may not be safe for work, for your kids, and listener discretion is advised.

Thanks for being with us through our 10th episode. We have some interesting possibilities on the horizon. Here’s to hoping they pan out.