In this episode of the DTALKS Podcast, the dads discuss their experiences, or lack thereof, with college and how that might affect how they guide their children through their education.

As always, this episode features America’s favorite segments “Ask the Dads”, “Dad Jokes”, and “Things You Should Check Out”.

This episode of The DTALKS Podcast contains language you’d find in an PG-13 rated movie. That language is not be safe for most work environments, for your kids, and listener discretion is advised.

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Things to Check Out:

Galan – Destiny 2, now available on PS4 and XB1. Available for preorder on PC. Each link should take you to the respective platform.

Joe – School of Rock

John – D&D YouTube Channel – Critical Role, Matt Coville’s channel about DMing D&D

If you’re new to this or want to introduce your kids to RPG games, check out the Pathfinder Beginner Box or the D&D Beginner’s Kit



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