In this episode of the DTALKS Podcast, the dads talk about family gatherings, the dog and pony show that they can come where everyone shows off the kids and what they can do, and the pros and cons of putting our kids in that kind of social environment.

This episode marks the premier of a new format ahead of a big announcement coming the week of October 30th, 2017. Instead of a bi-weekly, two hour podcast, we are moving to a weekly half hour or so show. This means more DTALKS Podcast for you and a bit more focus from us.

We will be launching directly into the discussion and ending with a weekly dad joke and how you can connect with us. The other staples of “Catching Up With the Dads” and “Things to Check Out” will be available as free bonus content on our Patreon site.

They may not be weekly, but when we do record them, they will always remain 100% free.

This episode of The DTALKS Podcast contains language you’d find in an PG-13 movie. That language is not be safe for most work environments, for your kids, and listener discretion is advised.