In this episode of the DTALKS Podcast, the dads revisit the second segment of their original conversation with Cinto Ramos, Jr. Back in August of last year, we started out a conversation that went in a VERY interesting direction when we broached the subject of being a Hispanic dad here in Texas, especially given the prevalence of racial issues in the news at the time.

Sometimes, life comes first and we were unable to record an episode, but it worked out because we have the opportunity to share one of the most impact 30 minute stretches of time in the history of our podcast.

This episode of The DTALKS Podcast contains language you’d find in an PG movie. That language is not be safe for most work environments, for your kids, and listener discretion is advised.


*Producer’s note: The other two hosts were unable to make it so you get an intro and out of just me. If you want to skip to the meat of the episode, it starts about 3m30s to 4m in. The meat of the episode is approximate 13m30s to 14m in.  – Galan