In this episode of the podcast Joe talks to friend and multi-talented actor Rebekah Kennedy. They cover a wide variety of topics including how Rebekah got her start in acting, why she pursued film vs stage and how she is able to continue to stay positive despite both the “grind” of the L.A. Scene and continually being cast in horror/thriller type roles. It’s a very insightful conversation surrounding art and how to approach it.

We’ll be back with another episode next Monday, Enjoy!

The DTALKS Podcast: Breaking Down Stereotypes, Fostering a Community and learning how to #beabetterdad


Watch Rebekah in Action!

Criminal Minds: Season 11, Ep. 14: Hostage (Available on Netflix)
Law & Order: SVU: Season 19, Ep. 20: The Book Of Esther (Available on Hulu)
To The Bone (Available on Netflix)
House Hunting (Available on Amazon Prime Video)
Bastard (Available to Rent or Buy on Amazon Prime Video)


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