The League of Women Voters of Texas Denounces Senate Vote on SB 9 | MyLO

In this episode of the podcast Joe talks to the President of the League of Women Voters: Texas, Grace Chimene.

Are you registered to vote?
Do you have all of the information you need to vote?
Are you ready to vote?

Grace Chimene stops by the podcast today to talk about all of the work the League of Women Voters are doing to get you, the voter, ready for Election Day 2020.

This year has been unprecedented in many ways but Grace and her team are working furiously to lay the groundwork for a historic vote.

Grace talks about the unique situation of COVID-19 and how to prep for modifications at the poll.

Make sure to get all the information you need at:

Grace Chimene is a retired pediatric nurse practitioner. She joined the League of Women Voters in 2012 and has served on the LWVTX Board since 2014. She specializes in the use of technology to support the League mission of empowering voters and defending democracy. She currently serves as President of LWVTX, and also served as LWVTX Advocacy Chair.


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