Cultural detox

Hi listeners!

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There are certain guests who resonate with you on multiple levels and as much as you enjoyed their first appearance on the show you’re eager for them to return.

I totally get it. However, sometimes life gets in the way and it takes months to schedule another podcast appearance.



Image result for what!? gifSo, since I know you still want to hear from your favorite guests in the meantime I’ve come up with a solution.

Every so often I’ll reconnect with a favored guest, ask them a few questions to see what they’ve been up to/what their thoughts are about current topical items and will present it to y’all in the form of a blog post.

I’m calling this your “Cultural detox”. Since I want you to “come detox with DTalks” I figured this would be another way for you to be able to “detox from the world around you and get a window into how other people live their lives.

I’m consistently committed to the idea of trying to #beabetterdad and leave the world better than I found it and the “Cultural detox” is another way for me to do just that.

There is no set schedule for these posts, they will be sporadic and whenever I’m able to connect with the individual but rest assured! I will notify each and every one of you once a new post has been made.

Until next time,

  • Joe Shaw

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